Shellfish/seaweed production

We explore how the natural resources in coastal waters can be sustainably exploited through fishing or aquaculture production of seaweed and mussels.This includes a large spectrum of activities from shellfish bottom culture to hatchery production. We also focus on the development of new types of stock assessment and monitoring tools.
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Ecosystem structure

We focus on the environmental impacts associated with the exploitation of marine resources such as ecosystem services provided by farming, or shellfish fishing effects to the bottom in highly eutrophic areas. Based on the mapping of marine habitats we seek conceptual understanding of coastal habitats and their functions in eutrophic areas.

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Blue biomass—Mitigation

We are very innovative in relation to the development of new marine protein sources such as starfish, seaweed and mitigation mussels (mussels produced to remove nutrients from eutrophied water) to use as feed or other products. We also investigate the use of other low marine trophic species for e.g. biogas and biocosmetics.
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Outreach & Advice

Our research is also oriented toward outreach methods to divulge ocean literacy, advises to both government and industry, and finally promote healthy meal with roots in the local maritime history.




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23 OCTOBER 2020